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Redmond Wellness & Chiropractic Success Stories

Dr. Herrin, I just want to say thank you.  I am glad that my friend told me about you and your business.  I feel that your knowledge and skill regarding chiropractic is very high and your up-to-date “gadgets” as well as a great support staff lends itself to a great place to have issues resolved.  I would recommend you to anyone and have done so.  I spoke with and went to chiropractors and osteopaths before ending at yours and felt you had the most knowledge and skill out of the ones I compared so just want to thank you for taking care of me.  The spinal decompression therapy program I was on was great too.  Thanks for taking time to thoroughly go over information my wife and I wanted to know about and explain it to us.  Thanks for making me feel cared about as well.  I appreciate that you were fine with my wife accompanying me to all my visits—we remembered a lot more that way.  I also want to thank the rest of your staff who were always pleasant and professional in helping too.
Sincerely,Shaun C.

I was in a car accident in 2002 and have had pain and tension in my low back, neck, and shoulders ever since.  I have received several different treatments including chiropractic.  I moved to Redmond about 1.5 years ago and Dr. Herrin was recommended to me.  I only wish I had heard about him 1.5 years ago.  I currently come to the office regularly for chiropractic treatment and massage.  I am so pleased and appreciative of the care and services I receive from Redmond Wellness & Chiropractic.  I look forward to my appointments every time.  I know Dr. Herrin and his office will do their best to make sure they are providing the best services.  Thank you, RW&C!
Tonja, Redmond, OR December 2011

I made my first appointment with Dr. Herrin because of neck and shoulder pain. I soon found out that he offers much more than what I had associated with chiropractic care. Dr. Herrin is very knowledgable about a wide array of health concerns that affect overall well-being. He obviously enjoys his job and likes to stay up-to-date on new treatments. He has helped with my neck and shoulder pain, but has also made excellent recommendations for treating the underlying stresses that caused my original discomfort. He is personable, empathetic, and, most importantly, a very skilled doctor. I always leave my appointments feeling thankful I went in.   
Emily E.

Thanks to spinal decompression I feel better than I did before the pinched nerve in my back! According to the M.D. who read my MRI - my back was a mess and worn out with a lot of arthritis. He recommended a nerve block which didn't help. The next recommendation was surgery. That's when I visited Dr. Herrin at Redmond Wellness & Chiropractic and discussed spinal decompression. After 7-8 treatments I was pain free and off vicodin. I was even able to go back to work! I would recommend this as an alternative to anyone considering back surgery. The nurse called to tell me when the surgery date was scheduled, and I'm feeling so great that I canceled it! Thanks to everyone at Redmond Wellness & Chiropractic Steve L.

Hi!  My name is Tiffany and I have been a client of Dr. Herrin’s for over 7 months.  I first found Dr. Herrin when I was 8 months pregnant, desperate for some back relief.  Dr. Herrin was more than willing to help me with my back and whatever else I needed with the rest of my pregnancy journey.  I found this profoundly helpful considering other chiropractors in Redmond didn’t really seem to know how they would even tackle a pregnant case like me!  As I began treatment with Dr. Herrin he did help my back tremendously and he also explained to me what he was doing and why every step of the way.  I love going to Dr. Herrin’s office because it’s such a relaxed atmosphere.  I don’t feel like my kids are a burden and they are always happy to see me and my family.       I am now 5 months post partum and my back as well as my health are doing great!  I started going to a yoga/ pilates class recently and I was the only one who could turn my head and back to face the wall.  I thought that was pretty cool.  
Tiffany M.

Six months ago I was diagnosed with Sciatica and bursitis in the back and hip area as a result of sitting 36 years at a desk job. Needless to say it was very painful. Even with water therapy throught my medical doctor, and medicine to reduce swelling, nothing was really working to get rid of the pain. I didn't want to rely on pain medicine for the rest of my life. That was when I decided to seek chiropractic help. Before the chiropractor visits with Dr. Herrin I wondered if the pain would ever really go away. He kept after the sore spots and with cold laser and realignment of the back I slowly began to see progress. Then he suggested Fish Oil with vitamin D, and learning to do simple exercises and using cold and hot packs. Amazingly the daily streaking pain left and with back alignments at least once a month I am enjoying my retirement. Thank you Dr. Herrin! A patient,   
Joyce E.

I would like to share with you my testimonial about the treatment that you have given me this last year! I was in an auto accident in May and had a lot of neck and back pain. The Chiropractic work that you have given me has helped so much. I no longer have as much discomfort from the accident and I have been helped with my allergies and other issues with your Wellness techniques. Thank you for taking your time and being concerned about my health and wellness. "You and your wife are the Best!"  
Terri P.

I was suffering from problems in my left shoulder that restricted my movement of that arm.  I had been to see a medical surgeon who had x-rays and MRI's performed.  Neither showed any physical reason for my pain but he was willing to operate anyway to see if he could find a reason.  Before I agreed to surgery, I wanted to give Dr. Herrin a chance to diagnose and possibly treat the problem.  Dr. Herrin rapidly diagnosed the problem as a misalignment of my C5 and C6 vertebra.  After only 3 treatments I was pain free.  Now I start with Dr. Herrin for any physical discomfort before I seek help from my MD.
Bill, Bend OR

Over the years I have suffered several injuries (3 rear-end wrecks, 1 broadside wreck, football, and martial arts) to my neck resulting in a diagnosis of arthritis in my neck (based on x-rays after the last rear-end wreck).  I had previously sought treatment from my Chiropractor in California, however, due to his using traditional treatment methods (brute force and body weight) the treatment was very painful and didn’t hold.  The result was I had stopped seeking chiropractic treatment.  My wife was a patient of Dr. Herrin and suggested I give him a chance.  Due to Dr. Herrin's use of the latest technology for the treatment of skeletal ailments, I found the treatment for my existing problem to be completely pain free resulting in lasting relief.
Bill D.

After dealing with neck pain for years, which radiates and causes severe headaches, Dr. Herrin and his staff developed a “plan” centered around spinal decompression which provided me with long awaited relief. More than I had ever expected. While the “plan” focused on improving the health of the cervical discs, oxygen therapy as well as massage werean integral part which contributed to my overall wellness. Dr. Herrin and his entire staff are all very kind folks that are fun to hang out with and still [are] professional in every way. I am extremely pleased with their entire program.
Jay  7.28.2011

Back degeneration for 10 years.  I had massage to deal with the neck and pack pain. The pain was not severe but needed to be maintained. I have chiropractic care every month or sooner. The treatments always put my spine back in place. The cold laser also helps my neck, knee, elbow and back.
Carol  4.22.2011

I had been living with a displaced tailbone for around 9 months which made it difficult to sit or stand for too long. [It was] uncomfortable to walk and I was taking pain medications on a daily basis. I came into Dr. Herrin for 2 adjustment appointments and after the second appointment I was finally able to sit, stand, walk, run and stop taking the pain medications. I now come in for maintenance appointments with Dr. Herrin and massages for when I need to relax. I love coming here. The staff is awesome and truly care about your health and about you getting better.
Kira M. 5.13.2011

Dr. Herrin has helped me before by putting a rib back in place. And have also had massages that were awesome.
John 5.20.2011

I have been going to chiropractors for over 20 years. I started going due to chronic headaches that “traditional” doctors could do nothing for.  In all those years of seeing chiropractors Dr. Herrin is definitely my favorite. He has helped me with headaches, back pain, a hip and rib that likes to pop out and pinched nerves in my shoulder.  He always listens to what I have to say and has a very open way of looking at problems. I highly recommend his services.
Amy 6.8.2011

I’d been having back problems for a long time. Upon having an MRI, I was found to have spinal stenosis, bulging discs and sciatica. So I was given two spinal injections which really didn’t improve my back.  I read about Dr David Herrin and non-surgical decompression it was the best thing I’ve ever done. We began treatments and just a very short while I became more able to walk, bend and take care of myself. The treatments were so fast and easy now I am back to being my old self. It is so wonderful to life without pain. No more couch potato for me!
U.M. 2011

I came to see Dr. Herrin after seeing a neurologist for neuropathy in my legs and feet and unsuccessful results.  Dr. Herrin found the problem in my SI Joint and I saw great relief and improvement after just two sessions. After spending thousands on other treatments he turned my situation around in less than a week. I now use Dr. Herrin for all my chiropractic needs. Thanks so much!
Don D. 6.29.2011

For the past ten years I have had little to no feeling in my right foot and leg. In sports and work they always moved well but not enough to make me competitive in athletics or industry. After my first visit w/ Dr. David I felt instant changes in my leg and foot. Now 4 visits later, I feel that I can get back in shape and feel 25 again. The wholistic approach of Redmond Wellness and Chiropractic is life changing and extremely positive.
Thanks again Dr. David!
Chris Q. 7.26.2011

When I first came here July 19th 2011 I was in so much pain my lower back and hip I could not bend over and was impossible to put my socks on my left foot after 5 treatments I can bend over and touch my toes.
Florence 8.5.2011

I was born with hip dysplasia and also developed scoliosis in my pre-teen years. The chronic pain in my hip has resulted in several surgeries which have subsequently limited what physical activities I can do. The 30 degrees curve in my spine doesn’t help either. I have been under chiro care in the past and had success with some D.C’s and not as much success with others. Due to moving, cross-country twice and switching jobs I went an entire year without an adjustment. My quality of life was diminished and I should have taken stock in Tylenol! Once I made my appointment with Dr. Herrin I expected a long road with many appointments prior to experiencing significant and lasting relief. After my first visit my entire body felt remarkably better! The stiffness in my neck melted away but more importantly it stayed away. I was not “healed” but after one visit I found significant relief that out-lasted any strength of Tylenol! And without the side-effects!
I’ve had several follow up visits since then and Dr. Herrin and I are fine tuning how often I need to come for adjustments; rather than just having me in 2x weekly for life he wants to find an adjustment frequency that fits me and what my body needs!

The staff is friendly, Dr. Herrin is professional and personable, the building is well taken care of and provides a peaceful welcoming environment to seek relief and whole body wellness. I live in Bend but it’s worth the drive to have Dr. Herrin working with me establish and maintain my pain-free body!
Thank you,
K. Higbee 7.20.2011



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